4 Reasons to Buy a Dhow Cruise Marina Package

There are numerous tourists attractions in United Arab Emirates and the list of things every tourist must visit is never ending. Among all of these attractions, Dhow cruise marina holds a special charm for most people. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the industrious city and the barrenness of the hot deserts, marina cruise is like a breath of fresh air for tourists where they can simply relax and enjoy the surroundings to their heart’s content. The cruise ship is a traditional Arab boat called Dhow that takes you on a ride along the Dubai creek for a few hours where you can enjoy a delicious cuisine and entertainments as well. If you want to book Dhow Cruise Marina Deals, you can get more detail via phoenixdesertsafaritours.com. But before that, here are some reasons you should buy a Dhow Cruise Marina package.

It Gives You Time for Relaxation

Tours are often exhausting as well as tiring for people regardless of their age. Navigating unfamiliar streets in a foreign country is a difficult task especially when you cannot understand the language. There is no doubt that traveling is fun, which gives you an opportunity to experience new and exciting things. But amid all of this excitement you need time to unwound and breathe as well. Dhow cruise Marina is the perfect activity for that. While you are sailing on the cruise boat you do not have to think about anything or worry about being in an unfamiliar environment, you can simple relax and take in your surroundings.

Enjoy a Breathtaking Night View

People often prefer enjoying the nighttime scenery from tall buildings and usually underestimate the view of towering skyscrapers from the ground. During a Dhow Cruise Marina, you can enjoy a breathtaking night view of Dubai. The glittering skyscrapers pose a blinding picture against the darkness of the night. This skyline scenery should be enough to convince anyone to go on a Dhow Cruise Marina tour.

You can Celebrate Special Occasions

Events like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are special for people and they like to have lasting memories of these occasions. So, what would be more memorable than a celebration on a cruise boat amidst the beautiful and glittering skyline of Dubai. You can celebrate special occasions on Dhow Cruise Marina and surprise your significant other. The crew on the cruise boat are more than happy to make the arrangements for you so that you can make unforgettable memories with your partner.

You can enjoy Various Arabian Cuisines

There are not many places in Abu Dhabi or Dubai which can offer as versatile a cuisine as a Dhow Cruise Marina. The number of Arabian cuisines on the buffet table in astonishing. You can enjoy different foods from various parts of United Arab Emirates that are made from exquisite ingredients only found in UAE. The variety of food will continuously tantalize your taste buds. This is a perfect place for big foodies who are always enthusiastic about tasting new flavors.

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