4 tricks to ease your next gynecologist appointment anxieties

Everybody feels a little nervous about a visit to the gynecologist.  Most women do not get the feeling of calm and comfort by the thought of gynecology exams. Most women are overcome by anxiety and they even contemplate not visiting the gynecologist Brooklyn at all. However you need to remember nothing is more important than your health.

Below is a compilation of tips you can use to ease your anxiety.

  1.  Educate yourself about your vagina

By understanding your lady parts, vagina and vulva, and how each part works you will be a more empowered patient. With this knowledge you and your doctor can engage in a smoother and more comfortable communication than if all she was talking about sounded like gibberish. Learn more by looking at diagrams of the female reproductive system. It helps to examine yourself with a mirror so you can note changes and when there is a problem.

  1.  Note down everything

When visiting the gynecologist Brooklyn, relying fully on your memory is not good. If you just rely on your memory, you might end up forgetting some points because you are nervous. So before your visit, write down your questions, concerns and any changes you have noted. Do not forget to bring your notebook with you during the visit. You can write down the doctor’s advice and suggestions that way you do not forget.

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  1.  Talk openly with your doctor

If this is your first exam tell the gynecologist. They understand that you are nervous and they will do all they can to make you feel comfortable. This includes explaining each procedure step by step so you know what to expect. They might even decide not to carry out some exams if it is your first visit.

  1.  Leave gynecologists who make you nervous

If you have been seeing a doctor but every visit it is the same you are a nervous wreck it is time that you leave for another gynecologist. There are some things that your doctor could be doing that is making you uncomfortable such as not listening to your concerns or blowing them off. Some even seem judgmental. If you are in such a situation, look for a better more understanding gynecologist. The visit is hard enough on you and being attended by a doctor who does not listen to your concerns should not add onto it.

Before settling on a gynecologist do some research on whom is the best in your vicinity. Start by asking for recommendations from people you trust. By doing so you not only get to visit the best doctor but you feel relaxed knowing you are in good hands.


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