5 Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2019

In this day and age, web design trends are very important. Certain trends like adding a call to action in articles are here to stay, but others change over time. Here are 5 web design trends to look out for in 2019:

1. Speed and Responsiveness 

Speed is probably the most important factor to consider when designing your business website. Very few people will stick around for more than a few seconds waiting for a website to load, especially because the internet is awash with many suitable competitor companies. You should also optimize your mobile site since a good percentage of the population now uses their mobile phones to surf the internet. Responsiveness goes hand-in-hand with speed. Your website should not have more than a second delay in responsiveness since that can result in the loss of many potential clients.

2. Shapes

In 2019, more businesses will choose a middle ground between minimalist shapes and broken grids. This basically means you should include more geometric shapes in your website. These include circles and hexagons. Such shapes are highly versatile and can be used to create impressions of depth and symmetry.

3. Colours

Previously, more web designers preferred dull sites with very little colour. In 2019, they are gravitating towards brighter colours that increase your brand recognition. Most of your visitors will not make purchases on their first visit to your site, but with enough colour, they will be able to recognize your brand in the future. The colours you choose should not just be dictated by your brand. You should also consider the message you intend to send to potential clients. For example, web designer Burnley companies should incorporate colours like purple since these colours communicate creativity.

4. 3-Dimensional Illustrations

Designers are choosing to now include realism and depth in their illustrations. This is as opposed to the flat illustrations that were very popular in the past. Many designers are actually choosing to have their 3-D illustrations drawn by hand. This is because most digital tools approximate the shapes you intend to draw, and that removes the realistic aspect of these illustrations. Hand-drawn 3-D images will also break the monotony of digital products on your website.

5. Interactivity

A good design and layout are very important, but in 2019, designers are finding it useful to also make websites more interactive. This year, many businesses will add comment sections to their websites in an effort to appear more credible. Interacting with your clients makes you appear more human, and that makes it easier for them to trust you.


There are many business website trends you need to look out for in 2019. You will need to add geometrical shapes, brighter colours, 3-dimensional illustrations, and comment sections to your sites. You will also have to make your website faster and more responsive. It is equally important to improve your website security. This can be done by adding SSL encryption to your website.

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