8 Sure Tips on How to Remain Sober

The fear of relapsing is the main worry of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. There are sure ways of avoiding the temptation or overcoming it when it shows its ugly head. Here are seven tips on Staying Sober in Boca Raton.

  1. Live in day-compartments

It is easy to start worrying about how you will make it through a month without a glass or shot when you have been using it daily. This thought not only scares but also makes your system incapable of coping. Win this battle by living a day at a time. Choose to be sober just for today and remain that way.

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  1. Have a support group

Not everyone understands your struggles, so find someone or people who do. They can be your addiction counselor, online forums, other recovering friends or family. This groups will help you when staying sober Boca Raton. Former drinking buddies are the last group to share your struggles with you unless they have reformed.

  1. Stay clear of temptation

Meeting and hanging out with friends who drink sounds innocent, but it is the first slippery step back to the drama. Avoid every circumstance that exposes you to temptations. Again, never test how far you can go without relapsing. These are some of the ways of staying sober Boca Raton.

  1. Eat healthy

Healthy food boosts immunity, makes the mind clear and more rational. Take some time learning cooking your meals at home. The achievement of doing something for yourself and family will make you feel better. Again, cooking is an exciting pastime.

  1. Be a Good Samaritan

When all you seem to think about is your problems, mistakes, and inabilities, find someone in need and help them. Prepare a meal for the homeless family down the street, buy a flower for a bereaved child, send gift cards, visit the sick, help a sibling with homework, the list is endless. This will put your problems in their proper light.

  1. Tidy up

Untidy rooms are not only depressing but also encourage negative self-criticism. Find ways of making your room or house better. Doing this will take a large chunk of time but will make you feel great about yourself. Again, people will become more accommodative.

  1. Get physically active

Clear your mind by taking part in group sports, going to the gym or taking a walk. Besides burning excess calories and improving body image, a physical activity gets rid of stressor hormones from the body.

  1. Master your thoughts

As humans, we can achieve no more than we believe we can. Simply put, our world and achievements are limited our thoughts. Learn to monitor and control your thoughts. Remain focused on the positive side of life. Think of the benefits of being sober rather than the fun of being high and you will develop the backbone to remain so.

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