All About Disaster Recovery Plan

A business normally faces different problems and critical situations in its lifetime. A lot of unexpected and inevitable situations are faced by any business. This is a very common situation for any business and businesses should be able to cope up with those situations. One such situation faced by business is the disaster.  Business face disasters like common people and it should have the right measures for managing the situation. Only with the right measures, a business can overcome the critical situation of a disaster.

An important measure any business needs to manage this situation is the disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan is nothing but the protocols or measures that a business uses to protect itself from serious disaster situations. Almost, all of the large businesses today use a disaster recovery plan. Just like other business needs, a disaster recovery plan is also a vital requirement for any business.

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Types of DRP

The type of a disaster recovery plan is decided by three strategic measures and they are,

  1. Preventive

 To identify the risks and to mitigate them, preventive measures could be a single or more components like keeping data back-up offsite, installing generators, using power surge protectors, routine inspections etc.

  1. Detective

To discover or detect the presence of potential threats in the IT infrastructure namely, installation of network and server monitoring software, fire alarms, best anti-virus software and training of employees.

  1. Corrective

These of focus on systems restoration after a disaster like ensuring safety of critically important assets and documents, taking out appropriate insurance policies and using the situation to brainstorm ‘lessons learned’ sessions.

Keep in mind that, a disaster recovery plan is not only for securing the data from lost or damage. However, it should also be able to protect other aspects of the business from serious damage. All this lies on choosing the right disaster recovery plan. Hence, you should select the right plan for your business. Different companies offer disaster recovery plans today and you should get it from the best company.

Advantages of having a disaster recovery plan

Even though it is not able to completely recovered or claimed, having a disaster recovery plan also have some benefits. Some of them are,

  • You can ensure the dependability and reliability of your standby systems
  • It helps you in reducing risks
  • It reduces the need for making decisions during disasters
  • It offers great protection to your data
  • Offers a strong system for checking the efficacy of the plan
  • Minimizes the legal liabilities

Disaster recovery also involves recovering or restoring data from damaged or crashed server or data center. Thus, if you have an effective disaster recovery plan you can get back your data from loss. Also, it is a good way of protecting or safeguarding your data from loss. On the whole, disaster recovery plan is must for any business. Thus, don’t fail to get your disaster recovery plan and don’t fail to test your plan as this is very important for any business.

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