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Modern technology today comes is a mind boggling array of types and shapes and sizes, and there’s not many avenues in our lives that haven’t been changed by tech. Whether you think that they have been improved or not is a matter of opinion, or whether a ‘smart’ interconnected fridge with terrible coding that can easily be commandeered to join a botnet and DDOS people is a step too far. Regardless of what you think, tech is here to stay, and it’s our lives are only going to become more interconnected.

One avenue that has been somewhat neglected is that of smart eyewear. Since the release of Google Glass in 2013, several companies have been seen to express an interest in the technology, but only a few have actually made it to market. However, we could be in for a resurgence, with rumours of an Apple model set to hit the shelves within the next few years, as well as Sony and Epson currently offering models. As well as this, Snap Spectacles have helped to popularise the idea of interactive eyewear and bring it to a younger generation. Now, however, another player is set to come into this arena, Amazon.

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Utilising their Alexa voice recognition software used in a range of speakers, Amazon plans to join the so called ‘race to the face’. The twist with this version is that, unlike Google Glass and many others, they will look almost identical to a normal pair of glasses. This in turn removes one of the main barriers to entry for these products, styling. Nobody wants to wear goofy and clunk specs that do everything when they can wear a pair of Lacoste sunglasses and use their smartphone; the sweet spot lies somewhere in between.

Amazon also plans to utilise bone conduction, as discovered in 1551 by Italian physician GirolamaCardano to conduct Alexa’s voice through vibration of the bones in the face and head, meaning that much less volume can be used and the signal will be much clearer. This has been used on more recent times by companies such as Jawbone and Sgnl, but appears to have passed other larger manufacturers by.

Either way, the arrival of all-conquering Amazon into this marketplace will surely mean that with one-click everyone will be wearing smart glasses soon and talking to themselves in the street, ordering products and shopping on the go!

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