Auto Accident Lawyer Houston

An auto accident lawyer is also called personal injury lawyer. This kind of attorney specializes in providing legal representation to people with injury claims, whether psychological or physical, due to wrongdoing or carelessness of another. The defaulting party could be an individual, group, government body or a company. An auto accident lawyer Houston mainly practices tort law.

An auto accident lawyer is not restricted to that area of law. They are licensed to practice almost any field, but they tend to specialize in tort law cases like auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, other accidents, work injuries, faulty products and medical mistakes.

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At what point should you hire an auto accident lawyer Houston

You will not really need the assistance of an attorney if the claims are easy and straightforward. If liability is clear, injuries and medical bills are minor, and no investigation is required, the case is simple. A lot of people with injury claims usually start off handling the legal work themselves. They only call on the services of an attorney later on. Here is how you can know the situation you need an auto accident attorney and when you can go on without one.

  • It is vital to take counsel from an accident attorney when:
    • The insurance company denied your injury claim, and you don’t agree with their decision, but they refuse to review.
    • The injured person is a minor with significant injuries.
    • You have been given a lawsuit by the other party.
    • An extenuating situation of your claim is valuable, but you are not certain how to prove it.
    • Settlement from the insurance company is too low.
    • Conditions of the accident are complicated and require investigation.
    • You sustained reasonable injuries with a remaining disability that will sustain medical bills in the future.
    • You sustained notable injuries with high bills with the disability or not.
    • The accident happened almost a year ago or more.
  • Seek advice from an attorney when:
    • You don’t know how to evaluate the injury claim.
    • The adjuster offers a structured settlement and not a single payment
    • You believe your claim should be worth more than the adjusters offer.
    • The adjuster is requesting your medical records from before the accident.
    • You are not sure of your potential to negotiate a good settlement on your behalf.
    • It is hard to prove your lost wages claim
    • Both parties share liability, or it is not plain.

If your case is not simple and straightforward, make sure to consult an auto accident lawyer Houston before you deal with insurance adjusters. With that, you will not make damaging statements that could hurt you claim.

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