Bath Christmas Market 2016

This year’s Bath Christmas Market is taking place in the history steeped city between the 24th November and the 11th December.

Could there be a more magical fairyland than by the ancient landmarks of Bath like the Abbey, Roman Baths and Pump Rooms in which to celebrate the festive season?

Rows of chalets (170 chalets in total) are set out in the shopping area at the foot of Cheap Street to announce both the prestige of the event, which is the largest seasonal shopping event in the south west, and its popularity.

The Bath Christmas Market attracts people from far and near and has often become amazingly congested but it’s thrilling to witness and to be part of the throng.

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On offer to shoppers will be decorations, gifts, homemade toys, food, refreshments and much more. All of the items will have a British feel; the Bath Christmas Market is not a copy of the German markets.

If you are one of the many trades people and vendors who have been assigned a chalet then congratulations, you’ll have eighteen spectacular days in a historic setting.

It may even snow.

If you are a food or refreshment vendor don’t forget that although it may be bitingly cold outside that all stock has to be stored in line with legislation so please don’t hesitate to contact experts for cost effective hire fridge trailers.

Companies like the Newbury based Icecool Trailers are accustomed to serving the needs of food vendors at large events and they won’t let you down.

Fridge hire is simple to arrange.

Tell the professionals how much you’ll be storing, how long you need the unit for and they’ll work out a quote for you to accept or decline.

Excellent service providers provide excellent services. They don’t make you do everything yourself.

For example, Icecool Trailers won’t offer refrigerator vans because the hire fridge trailer units are much more cost effective than the vans which see the client pay for fuel and manage the delivery/pick up to the supplier and setting up. This consumes time that could be better spent.  

On the first day the hire fridge trailer will be delivered to your allotted chalet space around Cheap Street, positioned as required, set up and left in full working order ready for you to use for as long as it is needed.

The hire fridge trailer is 100% secure and so stock can be left within it without risk.

Just a reminder, the hire fridge trailer unit is insured through the fridge hire firm but any stock that you place in it will not be insured unless you take out a separate policy.

Bath is the perfect setting to exhibit your culinary skills and to sell your unique goods. Arranging to hire fridge trailers with professionals means that you can enjoy the Bath Christmas Market as much as the visitors. Your stock will be safe from harm and in the best possible condition.

A joy to behold and eat.

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