Best Pet Insurance Companies 2017

Caring, loving, and raising a dog can cost a pet lover a staggering $23,000 or more during their entire lifetime. The costs include basic necessities like food, toys, and treats, but the bulk of those expenses go towards vet bills. A routine vet visit can cost up to $300 while an emergency trip costs no less than $600, depending on the case. With so many expenses in the horizon it seems like pet insurance is a great investment for pet lovers.

Those who want to provide the best of the best for their furry friends while at the same time ensuring they don’t overspend, here are the best pet insurance providers you should check out:

1. PetFirst

Pet lovers who want to get a coverage that is very comprehensive will be delighted with PetFirst insurance policies. They offer unlimited lifetime benefits which mean that when a young pet develops a chronic illness pet owners don’t have to struggle with paying for treatments. PetFirst only imposes an annual limit where the pet owner pays out of pocket when the limit is reached within a year. The following year, the cap resets and treatments are covered by the policy again.

Their policies also cover up to 90% of the total vet bills to lessen the burden with pay out of pocket for vet visits. The biggest benefit is their doggy periodontal coverage which no other insurance provider offers.

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2. Healthy Paws

This is another pet insurance provider that many pet owners trust and rely on. The organization offers pet owners the chance to choose the best plans that fits the needs of their pets. There are 70, 80, and 90 percent coverage plans available, plus all plans have no caps. Since there are no yearly limits or lifetime caps incidents and treatments are covered by the insurer throughout their lifetime. Pet owners can rest easy knowing that Healthy Paws is there to save the day and cover the vet bills.

Healthy Paws also offer an advantage over other providers because they cover congenital and hereditary conditions. Signing up your pets early allows them to benefit the most from the policies offered by one of the best pet insurance providers today.

3. Pets Best

Pet owners looking to get an accident coverage type of pet insurance should turn to Pets Best because they offer competitive and customizable plans that are centered on emergency cases. They offer a $10,000 annual limit and 90% reimbursement which add to a lot of savings. The company is also one of the fastest to clear pay claims and can be contacted through chat, email, phone, and fax. Pet owners can also choose the plan they feel their pets can benefit from the most to avoid paying for a policy that won’t get used.

Take the time to compare different pet insurance providers and their premiums to ensure you get the best policies for the best prices. Insuring your pets as early as possible also helps maximize all the benefits the providers offer. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your pets insured! Join the discussion on pet insurance at This page by our friends also covers the basics about pet insurance:
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