Christmas Spirit and Crowdfunding

It is that time of the year where the cold streets are filled with lights radiating warm joy to one and all.It is also that time of the year where supermarket aisles are filled with goodies that promise us joy. Every year Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus of Nazareth, whose spiritual teachings form the basis of Christianity. Christmas is that time of the year where people unite with their friends and families and spread joy in each other’s lives. Christmas is also that time of the year where the market explodes with products and services promising us joy.

Store bought joy

For the past 100 years, marketers have been promising us joy by offering us discounts and bonuses for all the purchases we make during the festival season. Our innate yearning to connect with one another and experience joy makes us rush to the mall to buy stuff and gift our nearest and dearest ones.Yet at the end of the festival season do we truly feel joyous? Or do we end up sitting and lamenting about how despite all the extravaganzas we still feel a little incomplete? Maybe we are lost in the department store aisle searching for joy.

In our reckless chase to amass joy, we forget that real joy emerges from giving. Giving our time, energy and compassion to everyone around us. And that includes those who are not as financially fortunate as we are. This is also that time of the year where traditionally, people unite together to pool funds to help those who are financially and socially disadvantaged in our society.

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Giving joy in the online era

With the rise of social media use, giving joy is becoming easier. Online crowdfunding sites have made it much easier to spread joy and hope to all.Be it someone who is suffering from a debilitating disease and needs funding for their treatments or be it someone who needs financial help to complete their education.Crowdfunding platforms allow people to unite together to bring a positive change in the lives of individuals and communities. Christmas time is the best time to radiate joy in their lives. By raising a support fundraiser or by donating to a fundraiser we can spread hope and joy in as many lives as we can. We can encourage people in our community to donate a certain amount they have budgeted for their Christmas spending to a fundraiser. Another idea is that instead of gifting each other gifts , we can request each other to donate to a fundraiser . Let us all unite together to spread joy and happiness like confetti this christmas season by contributing to fundraisers and supporting as many social causes as we can.

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