Cleaning Up the Bathroom

Nobody truly enjoys the arduous task of actually cleaning the bathroom. And if you are anything like me, every time you are forced to take on this horrendous duty you think about changing the look, style and feel of the bathroom you are cleaning. So why wait? Do as I did and decide to give that bathroom a new look that can fit the needs of your household in terms of style and spaciousness. I recently invested in a Stone One freestanding bathfitted by a firm that offers local plumbing services, and the difference it has made to my bathroom is amazing.

There are several different options when you are designing the bathroom of your dreams and many things to consider when you are changing things up. Your budget must be taken into consideration of course as there is only so much you can do on limited funds. Once you have the money situation figured out you can than decide on the type of bathtubs you want to look at, or decide on a different type of bath altogether like the freestanding tub I chose. Then of course there are the toilet and sink to consider. And finally the amount of comfort space that you will need to store things in the bathroom.

Bathtubs for your bathroom are the biggest feature in most homes. Taking your bath or giving the kids a bath a night needs to be considered when choosing the right style. Your needs are important and if this happens to be a private bath, than you have more options to consider as well. Luxury can be found in your bath by replacing what you currently have with something much larger and more extravagant. Why not indulge yourself with a jet spa style bath tub large enough to fit two people? Or do as I did and go for a Stone One freestanding bath. It will definitely stand out and make a statement. If you are not a bath person than maybe a shower only, one designed with strong jets, multiple jets and roomy enough to enjoy.

Your toilet might want to be replaced from the usual type you see in homes to something with better features. Automatic flushing, environmentally improved, heated seats, cushioned seats, one that sits higher from the floor, or vice versa. There are many possibilities to consider on that option as well.

Basically sinks that are found in most bathroom showrooms are pretty standard as it is really the faucet itself that changes. This of course unless you are switching from a single sink to a double or in reverse. Your faucet can then be changed into hundreds of different styles and designs. Cupboard space can go from the traditional medicine cabinet, and drawers or cupboards built into the sink, or add on with a stand up unit over the toilet.

So look around and pick something you deserve, even if you redesign a piece at a time. It’s time for you to have a bathroom that can make you feel like royalty.

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