Coachella 2018 Prep Tips


You’ve heard of Coachella, you’ve seen the picture, and now you’re hoping to finally be able to go. You’re planning a road trip with friends and looking around for RV rentals. You’re more excited than you’ve been in a long time and you can’t wait for the festival to happen.

To make sure that you get the best out of this long-awaited experience, the following tips are greats ways to ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime. Check them out:

  • Buy your passes in advance. And, buy them from the official site. People love going to Coachella, so if you want to be sure to get the passes you need, book in advance. A plan to visit Coachella without passes is no plan at all.
  • Research where you can stay near Coachella, if you choose to go with RV rentals. If you have a car and a tent, you can camp out at Coachella, but if you’re going the more comfortable route of traveling in an RV with friends, look for nearby campsites. Again, you’ll want to book in advance to make sure there’s plenty of space. You won’t be the only wise guys planning on staying in RV rentals.
  • Make sure you determine where you will stay ahead of time. If you aren’t going the RV route, determine what your plan of lodging is. You’ll need to get passes to park if you’re going with a car and a tent or find alternative lodgings. Remember, everyone who is going to the festival is looking for a place to sleep. You’re going to want to prepare in advance to ensure you have comfortable and nearby lodgings. If you sleep well, you’ll be able to festival well.
  • Prepare for the weather and make sure to bring everything you’ll need over a weekend. Coachella takes place when the weather is warm. You want to plan to wear fresh clothes, but also bring along a jacket or two for the evenings which tend to get chilly. If you’re camping, make sure to bring blankets to stay warm at night.
  • Check out the line-up before the festival so you can be sure to see the bands you love the most. If music is the reason you’re attending, you’re going to check out the line up beforehand and make sure you have the schedule. You don’t want to miss out on the band you’ve been dying to see for years, not after all the money spent and all the miles traveled. Prepare and don’t miss out on the best music imaginable.
  • Be aware that food isn’t allowed to be brought into the festival from outside. So, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on festival food. But, unfortunately, you’re not allowed to bring food in from the outside. If you’re staying elsewhere, make sure to stock up on a hearty breakfast before arriving. This way you should be fine for most of the day and only have to spend for one meal instead of two while at the festival.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated. One of the biggest issues for those attending Coachella is drinking too much alcohol but not enough water. Don’t get dehydrated and end up in the hospital. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Sure, the porta-toilets aren’t the best, but it’s better to pee than not pee.
  • Set times and places to meet up with friends so you don’t lose each other. You and your friends may have different music tastes, so you may split up to enjoy your favorite bands. That’s all well and good, but if you’re riding back home together, you’ll want to set a time and place to meet. Cell-reception is shoddy in Coachella.
  • Make sure to budget plenty of extra cash for festival foods. Cash is your friend at Coachella and extra money on your food budget is a good idea. There are some pretty good restaurants catering to festival-goers hunger needs, so you’ll be able to get some good grub. If you can wing it, save a few extra dollars to spend on food in your Coachella trip.
  • Have a fabulous time! Most of all, make sure to have an amazing time. After all, that’s why you’ve planned to go. Keep the positive vibes alive and enjoy fabulous music.

If you are going to Coachella for the first time, it will be a unique and satisfying experience—especially if your favorite bands are playing. Whether you’re going alone or with a group of friends, you’ll be sure to make unforgettable memories.

RV rentals are a great way to have the comfort you need for great sleep at night and will provide you with a fun way to travel. If you’re a group of friends exploring the area, even better.

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