Conjunctivitis: All You Need To Know About It

Conjunctivitis is the common problem that people usually go through in the rainy season. Eyeful and conjunctivitis is one such affliction that brings in some specific risks and illness. Every year people suffer from such a condition. It is basically the inflammation and the infection of the eye membrane that is the white portion of the eye. It is caused by the bacteria or the virus. Stagnant water, unfinished construction, air pollution, and humid weather are the major factors responsible for the breeding of bacteria and viruses.

Conjunctivitis causes the eye to redness, itching, discharge, crusting that forms overnight. Sometimes the burning sensation is also experienced by the person suffering from conjunctivitis. Canadian pharmacy the online hub of medicine where one can have related medicines of conjunctivitis. Doctor’s consultancy is very important to examine the condition of the eye and to give you the appropriate prescription.

It is generally not a serious problem but the doctor’s advice and prescription are very much important. Consulting to the best eye hospital is necessary when you have the eye flu as if it is not treated on time it can affect the cornea and cause keratitis. Bacterial conjunctivitis can be easily treated with the antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory eye drops. With the medicines, some of the tips should be followed to treat this condition well.

  • Always keep your hands clean, wash them with soap and water or you can use hand sanitizer though out the day.
  • Avoid public places and swimming as it can aggravate the symptoms.
  • Avoid touching eyes repeatedly, because rubbing or touching supports the virus or bacteria not to eliminate completely.
  • Do not share clothing’s, personal items, toiletries etc. because personal hygiene can reduce the symptoms and helps in curing the condition soon.

Patient and the person around him should follow the rule of washing their hands before and after touching the eye. Eyes should be washed frequently with the cold filter water and cold compression with ice packs. This helps in relieving the symptoms. To wipe your eyes you can use the tissue paper and wear sunglasses when you go outside in the sun exposure. Anti-inflammatory eye drops and the antibiotics should be taken on time to reduce the symptoms. Avoid sharing the eye drops to other people as this infection can transmit to them easily by using the same eye drop.

People are having some myths about conjunctivitis as it can easily spread through looking into eyes, but it is not true at all. It is not an airborne disease but spreads through the contact. People also believe that just by using the eye drop can cure conjunctivitis but it is a viral or bacterial infection it needs the proper treatment. Never ignore the symptoms of this dire condition as this can result in severe other issues. make sure that for this condition you pick the best eye hospital and the best treatment to cure it as soon as possible.

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