Crowdfunding tips for semi urban development workers

Even as metro cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, have grown and developed so much in the last decade or so, we still grapple with civic problems that are a huge hindrance in faced paced city life. We can choose to blame the government, or corrupt political parties, or the sheer indifference of citizens itself, the fact remains that these urban and semi-urban problems exist, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. The only thing we can do as citizens is get involved and encourage active participation to bring about changes in the urban landscape.

At Impact Guru we realize that the crux of all civil matters is financing and funding – be it for road repair, making footpaths, planting trees, or fixing the drainage pipes of a locality. Crowdfunding is coming to be known as a simple but effective concept that leverages the power of the masses to facilitate development and progress. Urban and semi-urban regions in particular, can be great beneficiaries of a growing crowdfunding India.

So if you’re one of those people whose fed up with the incomplete road repair in your street, or the inefficient drainage that causes your building to flood in the monsoons, or if you’re weary of the potholes in your locality, read these tips on how you can raise money on a crowdfunding India platform, to facilitate development work.

  1. Select a trustworthy and efficient leader to spearhead your crowdfunding campaign.
  2. Select one problem that you would like to address – this should preferably be something that most people in your locality will benefit from.
  3. Engage in offline activities such as meeting with managers of all building in your locality, and explaining how crowdfunding could potentially solve the problem in question.
  4. If you have a local magazine, write about the initiative, and encourage people in the area to join in on the campaign by donating towards it. Ensure they also help spread the word on social media portals.
  5. Call out the political leaders in the area, who should have ideally been responsible and responsive in solving the problem. This may help keep our leaders accountable for their duties.
  6. Once you do manage to raise funds through crowdfunding – be sure to direct those funds to good use, so that you can gain the trust of the locality.
  7. Once they see the change that was brought about through crowdfunding, they will be encouraged to be more active in addressing and solving problems.

If there’s a civic problem that’s been causing a lot of problems in your area, take charge by starting a crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru, today.

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