Enroll in Film Making Courses for Children in Florida!

For the child who loves telling stories or acting them out, enrolling in film making courses for children in Florida can be a lot of fun. We offer a variety of classes to teach your child about how to create their own film from start to finish. They will also learn valuable life skills like self-confidence and how to speak in public.

One of the many classes we offer is our News Broadcast course. Your child will learn how to write for and produce their own news show. The broadcast they will create includes breaking news, weather, sports, and commercials.

If your kid loves to watch YouTube and has dreamed of joining the ranks of their successful creators, they can gain the valuable skills they need to do so in our YOUth TUBEr class. They will learn all about the camera, acting, and how to speak in front of the camera so they can create their own videos. This is the right class if your child wants to start a YouTube channel, or if they want to enhance their skills for the one they already have.

Kids use their imaginations to tell stories and act them out in our Mini-Movie class. Your child will work with other children to create, direct, act in, and produce their own movie. They are immersed in the process of creating a movie from start to finish, and they learn the technical skills they need to make their own movies.

In any of the classes that your child attends, they will learn more about how to speak on camera and in public with confidence. You will love watching their self-confidence blossom, and they will practice important life skills, like cooperation, as they team up with other learners to create an end product. Their social skills also increase as they work with other children to make decisions about their movie.

Your child will learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors and will receive positive feedback to improve their work. They also learn memorization techniques, the art of conversation, how to be an effective listener, and more. Our instructors are eager to share their experience and knowledge with your child.

When you’re ready to learn more about our film making courses for children in Florida, contact us by phone or email. We can’t wait to work with your child to help them learn more about filmmaking and to become part of the next generation of filmmakers.

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