Get a Custom Car Appraisal Maine

With custom cars, getting a custom car appraisal Maine is important on a number of levels. Insurance and pre-purchase inspections are two of the most critical. Also, if your car has been in an accident a diminished value appraisal can help you in the selling process. Pre-purchase inspection appraisals also help you know if you are getting the car you’re paying for.

When you get an appraisal for insurance purposes, you have a third-party authority stating what the value of your car is. This helps you come to an agreed-on value for the insuring of the car. You want to avoid stated-value insurance policies that allow the insurance company to pay less than the appraisal amount. Agreed-on value policies state that the insurance company will pay the agreed-on value of the car, and an appraisal documents that value.

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If your car has been in an accident, you want to know what it’s worth. A diminished value appraisal can provide documentation that the price you are asking for the sale of your custom car is good given the damage and quality of any subsequent repairs that were done. It can also give the buyer peace of mind that you are not trying to get full-price for a car that has been damaged.

Should you be unable to travel to the location of a car you want to buy, you can get a pre-purchase inspection done that will tell you all about the imperfections of the car so that you can be sure that the price the seller wants is on-par with the condition and overall market value of the vehicle. If you’re not able to do the inspection yourself because you don’t have the access to comparable sales and/or don’t know much about how to do a custom car inspection or appraisal, an appraisal is also a good idea.

Custom car appraisals Maine are a smart idea if you’re dealing with legal proceedings like bankruptcy, divorce, financial appraisals, or estate settlement. The appraisal takes the guess work out of figuring out how much the car is worth. The car is unique, and the price that it can get when you sell it is just as unique as the car. It isn’t an amount you want to trust to just a quick Internet search for one or two comparable sales. An appraisal is the official documentation you want in these types of situations to prove the market value of the car.

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