Great Care Tips From A Foot Model

Our feet tend to be the one part of our body that is often overlooked when it needs care. Those of you who love to move, and are always on their feet, it is crucial that you take good care of your feet, and if something seems wrong, you should contact a sports podiatrist Sydney – Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  1. Your feet need love

Pedicures are not as necessary sometimes, but it is a good thing to give your toes some love and get a pedicure. You should give them some TLC at least once a month because we all know that your feet definitely deserve that. You probably should not cut your own toenails if you do not know how, because you can do more damage than good.

It is important that you properly wash and dry your feet every day

  1. Moisturizing is very important

Another aspect that a lot of people tend to overlook is the moisturizing of our feet, and you should be doing this at least two to three times/week. It is best to apply a good moisturizer after getting out of the shower and definitely before you go to sleep. Wearing cotton socks while sleeping will help your moisturizer do a better job.

  1. Blisters can be annoying

We have all had at least a few blisters in our life, and if you are a foot model you cannot afford to get them ever. You should get a dozen socks in different shades, such as tan, nude, black or brown, and that will prevent your feet from rubbing against your shoes.

  1. Heels are pretty but not healthy

While, wearing heels from time to time can even benefit you, wearing them all the time puts a lot of strain on your feet. Wearing heels is okay, but try not to walk in them, and if you feel like there might be something a bit off about your feet after wearing heels for a longer period, make sure to visit your preferred foot specialists Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  1. Be careful of fungus

It is very easy to get fungus on your feet, especially if your feet tend to sweat a lot or you do not wash them at least two times a day. It is important that you allow your feet to breathe when you can, so while you are at home, try to avoid wearing socks that are too thick and wear something that can help your feet.

Take good care of your feet, because they deserve it

  1. Discoloration is a bad sign

If your toenails start to get discolored, that is a sign that there is an infection or a similar issue, and you should visit your podiatrist as soon as you can. Do not allow this to spread, and do not try to self-diagnose yourself, because it will be much faster if you simply visit your podiatrist.

  1. Know when to visit your podiatrist

Many times we can take care of our feet by ourselves, especially if talking about a blister or similar minor issues, but you should also know when to go to your podiatrist. It is important that you visit your podiatrist if you injure your feet or they started to feel uncomfortable.

Final word

Sometimes, it is just time to admit defeat, and if you want to have flawless feet, you need to know when this is. Make sure that you visit your podiatrist on time because a condition that goes untreated can cause a lot more harm than it already did.

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