How To Keep Yourself Well Hydrated While Camping

The human body is capable of surviving different challenges such as starvation. It can take up to three full weeks for an adult human to succumb to starvation, but as amazing as the body is, there is one thing it cannot function without: water. Dehydration is very dangerous because after just four days without water the body completely shuts down. This is why keeping yourself hydrated during a camping trip is a must.

Access to fresh water, even those collected from the rain that trickles down the portable awnings can save a life. These are some tips to help keep every camper hydrated and healthy during their trip:

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Tip 1: Bring Enough Water (And Some Extra Bottles For Good Measure)

When packing the truck for a camping trip make sure to allot more than enough room for clean and safe drinking water. While there might be natural sources of water near the camping area, sometimes they can be contaminated with pathogens and diseases that can cause health issues while camping.

Try to only drink water that you have brought with you and only rely on local water resources for emergency cases to ensure you stay healthy throughout the camping trip.

Tip 2: Invest In A Portable Water Filter

A portable awning can be a good place to collect rainwater from, but the water still needs some filtering and purification before it is safe to consume. For avid campers, it is a wise decision to invest in at least one portable water filter, just in case of an emergency. There is no harm in running clean spring water or fresh rainwater through a filter before drinking it. As always, when camping in the wilderness, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Tip 3: Keep Sipping Through The Day

Never wait until you are feeling extremely thirsty before taking the first sip of water for the day. Thirst is the body’s way of telling your brain that you are dehydrated and running low on fluids. Instead of waiting to feel thirsty, take small sips of water during the day to ensure your body does not feel dehydrated and to maintain the best fluid levels internally.

Tip 4: Carry Electrolytes

Always pack a couple of electrolyte tablets with your camping gear, especially during the hot months where your body will continue to sweat throughout the day. These handy tablets can be mixed in with water to prevent excessive dehydration. Carry a couple and dissolve them in your water bottle the next time you’re out hiking under the heat of the sun to prevent complete dehydration.

Always Pack Extra

From water bottles to filters to electrolyte tablets, it is always a good idea to pack a couple of extra supplies for the camping trip. You’ll never know when an emergency strikes and you’ll need the extra hydration. After all, it is always better to have what you don’t need rather than not have what you need.

Finally, never wait until you feel extremely thirsty before drinking water or you can end up hurting yourself and cutting the trip short. Drink up and stay well hydrated!

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