How to Optimize Your RV Travel in Louisville, KY

If you’re planning to rent an RV in Louisville, KY, you are in luck because it is the most populous city in Kentucky with around 765,352 residents as of the 2016 census. Plus, Louisville is the historical and nominal seat of Jefferson County. In addition, it is only one of two cities in Kentucky with the “first-class” designation. So, hop in your RV and let’s get ready to discover Louisville.

Louisville Mega Cavern

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to another world but just didn’t know how, then it’s probably time to visit the Louisville Mega Cavern. This inner space is truly another universe in and of itself. Forget space travel, this is where it’s at. Park your RV, and start exploring. Here, you can learn more about geology, mining, building technology and the underground world of Louisville.

Oh, and if you were in the mood for an adrenaline rush, the Mega Cavern features the world’s only underground zip line course. This cavern is vast; it was once a limestone mine and is made up of 17 corridors that run beneath the city of Louisville. You can even take the zip line into other parts of the cavern. Another option is to take a guided tour.

The Kentucky Derby Museum

In Kentucky, there is nothing like the Derby. But, if you want to dig a bit deeper into the history and tradition, then hit the Kentucky Derby Museum. This is the only place in the world where you can see the Guinness World Record’s largest horseshoe.

It also houses a miniature horse, resident thoroughbred and the race which visitors from all over the world come to see. Along with the price of admission, you get to take a walking tour of Churchhill Downs Racetrack. Exhibits change regularly so, you’ll see something different with every visit.

Create Your Own Bourbon Trail

Around 95 percent of America’s bourbon is produced in Kentucky. So, why not take a trail of several bourbon distilleries? Just make sure to watch your intake–other than that, you’ll have a southern blast. Between distilleries you’ll get a nice view of country roads–lined with horse barns.

Louisville is a major hub for bourbon distilleries. You can also contact various distilleries to schedule guided tours. It is important to check their schedule first as this can change throughout the year. If you’re traveling with family, there are tours that cater to all ages.

On the other hand, you can also schedule a 21+ tour. If you have a group of 10 or more, most distilleries require a reservation. Because the stream water in the summer is too hot to cool the mash, distillery production shuts down in the summer time. Not to worry though, tours are still available.

Final Thought

There is nothing like RVing around the first-class city of Louisville, KY. From the Kentucky Derby to the Mega Cavern to a bourbon distillery tour, you will have plenty to do and see. In addition to the cityscape, you won’t be disappointed with the rolling country roads.


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