Integral part of Reasoning

The most important and also the integral part of topics frequently that can be appear in various exams like Mba exams and other competitive exam syllogism question are asked. And also the form of reasoning by which the conclusion is drawn by two or more preposition statements it uses deductive reasoning rather than the inductive reasoning

Solving of standard methods

There are two different common problems that can be solved by standard methods and alsocoding and decoding, syllogism questionsin thereasoning section.

  • Analytical method is the first method and also in this method four types of standard are of four types universal positive and universal negative and particular positive and particular negative
  • Another type of method to solve these kind of question is said to be venn diagram and also all the possible venn diagrams can be drawn and from the given diagram conclusion can be deducted for all possible solutions then the conclusion is said to be true
  • If the conclusion can be concluded from one possible venn diagram then the conclusion is said to be a false statement


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Rules for checking of Venn diagram

Here are three different steps for checking the Venn diagrams in this syllogism questions and they are

  • First of all drawing the diagram according to the statement
  • The definite conclusion does not satisfy the basic diagram in that case need to check the possibility of diagram
  • The definite conclusion should satisfy the basic diagram then it should satisfy the possibility of diagram

Key facts of syllogism

  • Syllogism is said to be a deductive reasoning rather than of inductive reasoning. And also want to take the given project to be true and also they are variance from facts
  • And the conclusion follows from one of the possibility then it doesnot follow from another possibility in that case the conclusion is said to be false

Example of statement

  • Statement
  • All locks are keys
  • some keys are concept
  • Conclusion
  • No pocket is lock
  • At least one pocket has keys

so in this above example both statement and conclusions are given so by combining them the answer will be conclusion two is a converse of second premise


  • This kind of  reasoning  question are asked in competitive exams like bank and so many exams
  • This kind of reasoning question are also asked in entrance exam like mba exams and also so many entrance exam this can be helpful
  • It also helps in increase the knowledge level high

Thus this reasoning question can be solved very easily by the analytical method in that can able to analyze and also the question can be solved by using venn diagrams. And the venn diagrams help to find the correct statement along with the statement whether the statements is said to be either true or false can be easily found .

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