Is It Time To Consider An Assisted Living Facility?

Choosing to look into moving your loved one into an assisted living facility is not a choice that comes easily or without great thought and research. However, when your loved one is nearing the most vulnerable part of their life, living in a facility where they can still hold on to a piece of their independence while having the security of assistance. Assisted living facilities can offer the stress-free environment that older people will value and enjoy as the retire from their lifetime careers and enjoy the rest of their lives. Sunny Camarillo assisted living facilities offer security and independence all in a paradise like atmosphere. Even so, choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one still make be a tough decision. Here’s a few ways to determine if this is the right choice for you and your family.

Consistent Accidents
The older your relative becomes, the more likely it is that they can suffer from accidents. Whether it’s tripping and suffering from a fall or more serious injuries that require surgery, consider the amount of accidents your older relative is suffering from during a specific period of time. If their mobility is being compromised and they aren’t able to safely move about their home easily and without hurting themselves, it may be time to consider assisted living.

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Declining General Health
As we age, our health becomes more fragile and will start to require more round the clock care. If your loved one has a health issue that is rapidly declining, assisted living facilities can offer them medical care on site. This can include management of medicine regimens, emergency services, and ongoing wellness planing services.

Lack of Companionship 
Many may take for granted how important it is to have consistent companionship in life. Whether it is a spouse, children, or friends or a religious group; being socially active helps to alleviate depression and the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Is your loved one a part of a moderately active social circle? If they aren’t spending quality time outside of their home and with others that help to keep them feeling uplifted, it may be time to consider a Camarillo assisted living facility. There, your loved one can be a part of a community of staff and other residents that are experiencing the same parts of life together.

An assisted living facility can help your loved one that is nearing the final stages of their life continue to enjoy their days while living in a secure, protected, lovely space. Pay attention to the signs and contact our center today and we will help you understand all that we have to offer.

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