Learning More About The New USB Operating System

Are you looking for modern tools, a bit out of the box? Do you want to invest money on something new and effective at the same time? Then you are cordially invited to try to buy the USB bootable GNU or the Linux OS USB Operating System for covering the field of creative media. These tools are designed to offer you with the best ever experimental applications with a solid version of audio, graphics and video tools in minimal and fast package. Right from innovative filmmaking to the sound art, there are loads of services available for you to cover. These tools are used for its optimized use in the field of video processing and real time audio services.

More about the tool:

This USB help distinguishes itself by providing the users with low latency kernel along with high responsiveness, which are artists, are in dire need of, working in the creative field. This tool is solely based on Debian Live and Ubuntu, and the packages provided by this sector can well be used if your services are associated with Linux or GNU. You are also asked to join the development team for using, sharing, copying and modifying the platform, according to your wishes.

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Some highlights to consider:

Before you get your hands in this software, it is mandatory for you to highlight the features of it. Under the audio segment, you have puredata, csound, supercollider, ladspa plugins and audacity. In the field of graphics, you can try working on inkscape, gimp, processing + extras, freej and even gthumb. You can try your hands in multimedia with vlc, mplayer, kino, avidemux, transcode and xzwtv. When it comes to streaming, you have ices2, icecast2, oggfwd, darkice and there are more to be added in the list. To learn more about the service, make sure to log online and get some help.

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