List of Service Providers For Virtual Phone Number

Virtual phone number is one of best way to enhance your business growth and development. Virtual phone number is one phone number for your business and your customers will call on this number. This is toll free number and will also work in no network area. When you apply to get virtual phone number, you will also get many additional facilities when your number is confirmed. People should have to get phone number for their business. This phone number will also relate to all employees in the organisation.

There are huge number of service providers in the telecom market those will provide Grasshopper virtual phone number at effective cost. In this article, you will get a list of famous virtual phone number providers.

Cisco business edition 600

There are many essential features which are required in every business phone number. Cisco business edition 600 has all those features. This service provider provides best service where employee number ranges from 900 to 1100. Some of advanced features of Cisco 600 are hold messaging, hold music, voice mail, auto attendant and instant messaging. Business owner will get option to choose the phone facility like DECT phones, IP phones or softphones. 

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Vonage business solutions

This business solution provides facility for small organisation where employees are 100. Among 100 employees, it will work best otherwise it may face create many problems. Vonage will have best call facility when you are connected to internet. When you do not have internet connection, you will able to make calls but did not receive any calls.

Nextiva Office enterprise

This provides three different levels for phone system. Each level of Nextiva has some common facilities which are like to make unlimited calls and all calls will be toll free. Special monitoring is also done for all calls so that you check backup of calls whenever needed. One of unique feature of Nextiva is that all calls will be recorded automatically for each level of phone system.


Get the business phone number from FortiVoice and enjoy all latest features such as video messages, voice mails and unified messages. This phone system is also has integrity facility with the computer and more than 400 users will be connected with this one phone number. If you also have need for instant messaging facility, then you have to pay additional money.

AT & T Synapse

This phone system will work only for small business organisation and have best facility up to 100 users. if there are more than 100 users in your organisation, then you have to take another business phone number from AT & T. this phone system also provide you two year warranty. One drawback is that you cannot connect your AT & T phone calls with your computer.


ESI service for providing business phone number uses latest technology based tools so that customers will contact you immediately and have wonderful interaction with you. One of standout feature of this provider is that caller ID will be saved in your database and will remain for next 25 days.

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