Marijuana Cultivation For Beginners

Have you been postponing your plans on cultivating your own marijuana? It is rather easier said than done. Even though many people are venturing into marijuana cultivation, if you talk to those who have already in to this field, they would share with you the challenges that are there in the cultivation of marijuana. You should not however shy away from cultivating weeds from cannabis seeds just because there are challenges. All the challenges that you are likely to face have already been faced and people have overcome those challenges and that is why we have so many marijuana cultivators who are successful with their cultivation efforts.

The overall cultivation cycle will be the same regardless of where you are cultivating your marijuana plants. You could be cultivating marijuana in a hilly region or you it could be in a hot tropical area, the process is the same. You just need to remember to get the right marijuana seeds based on where you are planning to grow.

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You will find wide array of seeds and this should not confuse you. There are so many genetic strains. Each genetic strain is known for its own unique flavour. Moreover, each genetic strain also has its own characteristic features, which affects its overall cultivation techniques. Some genetic strains do well indoors while others do well out doors. You will therefore need to be clear with the marijuana cultivation efforts required based on the seeds you choose.

Auto flowering marijuana seeds should be preferred over the regular marijuana seeds. If you are not cautious while ordering your seeds, you could buy the regular seeds instead of auto flowering seeds. The advantage with auto flowering seeds is that these seeds will produce plants that flower automatically within 8 to 10 weeks regardless of the outdoor environment. Auto flowering seeds are ideal for people who are just beginning.

Feminized seeds again are more beneficial as opposed to the regular seeds. If you have done your research about marijuana plants, you will know that not all plants will flower. Only female plants flower or the plants that flower are called female plants. When you buy seeds, there is a chance of only 50% of your plants flowering. However, if you are going to pick feminized seeds then all the seeds that germinate would flower. You will increase your success rate and your production rate. So choosing the right type of seeds is vital here. Do not hesitate to invest a lot of time screening your seeds. If you are not cautious, you are likely to pick your seeds randomly and regret later that your success rate is lower than expected. Avoid making mistakes while picking your seeds. Identify the best sources for ordering your marijuana seeds.

Always consider your cultivation approach before ordering your seeds. You need not have to worry about the challenges in the cultivation process as a beginner. All these challenges could be handled as long as you are ready to invest enough time.

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