When hiring a PA in the capital as with other agencies in the UK, it is imperative to find a reputable agency with an established customer and employee base who have good credentials. An internet search will quickly reveal some of the top agencies and it is then a case of checking them out in a little more detail to see if they have a good reputation, excellent reviews and if they are endorsed by any professional bodies.


A suitable agency will stand out by the care it takes to find out about the client and their requirements, and it should be taken as standard that they will spend some time communicating with you face-to-face, in person or via video calls if you are out of the country. They should assess your needs and organizational culture in as much detail as possible to ensure a focused approach.


A quality PA recruitment agency will be an expert in matching the information they have from a prospective client with their bank of staff and should know them in detail so that they have a profile of all the qualities, experience and skills of the people on their books. The more detail you can give to the agency the better the chance of a good match, and you will need to tell them if you require a temporary staff member or are looking for a permanent member of the team.


A PA recruitment Agency in London should undertake a high level of consultation and communication to ensure you get the right person, and that means clarifying any points or asking for more information from a company and supplying regular updates. Companies should be given ample opportunity to look through profiles and assess candidates, and support should be offered from the PA recruitment Agency in London at every step of the way.

The PA recruitment London agency should also advertise your vacancy to their candidates and put together a shortlist as well as arranging interviews, and they should be flexible enough to fit in with business needs and times even if this is outside of office hours or at weekends.

By adopting the above approach, a number of companies have successfully recruited top candidates from pa recruitment London agencies to their firm, which has enhanced the business by specific tailoring to their requirements.

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