Planning: Arguably the Most Important Stage in Self-Regulated Learning

Several industry experts have concluded that the self-regulated learning process undergoes several modifications. Mostly, it is considered as a cyclical process, where each stage of the process influences the other. And all the strategies work on metacognition—the tendency to think and impact one’s learning.

Although, self-regulation passes through three stages, namely, planning, monitoring, and evaluation. But for this discussion, we’re going to talk about the ‘planning’ phase, the foremost step in the self-regulated learning process.


Planning is the fundamental considerations that students need to understand if they intend to become a full-fledged self-regulated learner. This initial stage entails about setting goals and fabricating plans that should aid you in catering your projects and deliver them on time. Self-regulated learners have enough learning strategies up their sleeve, from which they have the freedom to choose the most applicable and promising ones for each project and experimenting situations. For instance, self-regulated learners tend to prepare in an unorthodox manner for multiple choice assessments and even final exams. They will follow an altogether different approach for a reading assignment followed by a short quiz, and a different strategy for an assignment simple enough to cater with just a single lectures and brief notes.

The planning phase itself involves a number of sub-steps, initiating with task analysis.In this stage, the student needs to inquire how he or she will get the task done. The simplest requirements may be to read a chapter, or additionally, answers the questions at the end of the chapter.

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Now let’s consider a professional assignment writing help provider. In the planning phase, the writing expert will acknowledge the mentioned essentials: What is the topic? What will be the length of the coursework paper? How many sources will be needed to cite? For citations, would it be APA, MLA etc.? What criteria has the student’s instructor provided to grade the paper?

If we talk from the student’s perspective, he or she will also consider the same factors before starting to pen down the assignment, report, case study, or any other type of coursework given in the class.

The overall analysis will determine how you will handle the project. How much time and effort you’ll be required to invest in the work, and the strategies you opt. All these things will be affected by your goals that you have devised, further depending on what you intent to accomplish.

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