Premiere Roofing

When it’s time to hire a contractor for roofing projects, there’s usually a long list to choose from ranging from companies offering limited roofing services to those providing premiere roofing services. Whether it’s a new roof being installed or repairs to an existing roof, residential and commercial owners are investing in the value of their property.

To get the roofing project started, knowing who to call and what to expect can be a daunting task. One sure step is to select premier roofing professionals to secure top-quality workmanship by experienced and knowledgeable staff. Roofers with this level of ability are capable of getting the job done right no matter if it’s a major installation or a few repairs.

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When hiring a premier roofer, consider this short list of basic tips.

  • Communication
  • Estimate/Quote
  • Time-frame
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Roofing Permit
  • Warranty

Communication – Unless you have first-hand knowledge about roofing installation and repair, home and business owners rely on a roofing company representative to walk them through the process from start to finish. This means asking questions and getting clear-cut answers such as whether the current roofing material is suitable and if not, which material is recommended for their specific city and climate.

Estimate/Quote – The estimate should clearly state the cost for any services the roofing company will incur and charge for. Some of the items/services that may be included are the main roofing materials, repair materials should there be underlying problems, extra tools that may be needed, clean-up and removal of material, and transportation of workers to and from the job site. Also, the complete estimate must be signed and fully dated.

Time-frame – Premier roofing services will also give a start and end date for the proposed project. With premier services versus limited roofing companies, the focus is on customer satisfaction in a timely manner.

BBB – The Better Business Bureau is an excellent source to confirm the status of a company – licensed, bonded, insured – as well as any customer reviews or notification of any litigated or pending legal action.

Permit – Discuss the requirement for a roofing permit with the company representative to decide if they will pull the permit or if you, as the owner, will have that responsibility.

Warranty – The warranty should have a breakdown of what it will and will not cover – full or limited coverage – and the duration of the warranty.

When a professional install or repair project is underway, residential, and commercial owners can be assured premier roofing experts are on the job.

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