Puma Pounces at Yoga Camp at Goya Studios

Puma; the active wear, shoe and clothing line, hosted “Camp Puma” at Goya Studios in Los Angeles, California. The yoga camp was a mix between a literal cluster of velvet ropes and a vip velvet rope party. Camp Puma was inspired by the new, Velvet Rope Collection by Puma.

The Atmosphere

The women’s collection was worn by all camp members in mostly black yoga crops and sports bras with matching black Puma mats. Sexy and flexy, beautiful women of all ages, sizes, shapes and origins; all danced and performed yoga in the spacious, yet inviting Goya Studios with its iconic, warm, brick walls.

The giant soundstage area was perfect for the special event. The floor was a sea of yoga mats while there was still several other staging areas of the party. The large crowd of women performed classic yoga moves and stretches in unison while breathing innnnn and oooout. They also loosened up even more by dancing. After the classes and entertainment, the guests were able to check out the clothing line and pose for photo ops.

The after party was all abuzz with cocktails, delicious food and music. The VIPs all mingled in the spacious setting while posing for photos amongst the literal, velvet ropes of various sizes with VIP gift bags and colors dangling from the sound stage ceilings.The sleek, sporty and sexy clothing was displayed in a locker room setting on the sound stage. There were actual high school lockers and a bench clad with Puma sneakers and gear.

The Line

The Velvet Rope Collection is being promoted by Kylie Jenner, the face of the line. The “athleisure” clothing line boasts flexibility and comfort with scratch like markings on black, filled in animal print and gold scroll as a signature. The line is namely black,navy, silver, gold and army green; reminiscent of the jungle and a bit military.

The line includes bras, spandex, khakis, tanks, and even…..tear away pants (flashback). Puma is a high-quality brand that puts out high-quality athletic and fashion wear. Puma’s sneakers are worn by some of the most famous athletes in the world such as  Usain Bolt and Rickie Fowler.

The inspiration for the line is that you can either stand in line at the velvet rope or stand apart. Regardless of the inspiration; the line will definitely be a big hit just like Puma’s previous lines; especially since the line parallels the classic, sleek look and feel that makes the brand so distinctive.


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