Rubbish Clearance and Helping Seniors Downsize

There comes a point in most people’s lives when it makes practical sense to downsize. The kids are no longer living at home and it may become too much of a burden to take care of a big place. However, as logical as moving to a smaller place may seem, emotions have a way of getting in the way when one is confronted with the realty getting rid of their stuff. This is when rubbish clearance can become quite complicated!

When seniors have to downsize, it can be very comforting to have understanding family and close friends there at their side. Just being there to hear their stories as seniors go through their belongings and share their emotions is a big help. Family and friends can also help make rubbish clearance easier by taking all or some of the steps outlined below.

  1. Create a Memory Book

It can be quite comforting to seniors to know that their house and all their treasured possessions are archived in pictures. This will make the process of rubbish clearance far more bearable as they’ll have something to look back, cherish, and jog their memories when needed. So, before you help your senior pack anything, or get rid of anything, get your digital camera out and take lots of pictures. Be sure to take pictures at different times of day because the lighting can make a room look very different. Check to make sure all pictures came out good. You may need to retake some before packing.

Be sure too to take pictures from every conceivable angle, including from the viewpoint of your senior’s favorite place(s) to sit or stand in each room. If you know they’ll be moving far in advance, you can also take pictures of the yard in different seasons to capture how the trees and other vegetation look in fall, winter, spring, and summer! You should be sure to take pictures of your senior in their favorite places. However, don’t leave anything out of the memory book…. even the loo will have a certain sentimental value after they move!

  1. Decide What to Give Away or Sell

This may be one of the toughest things a senior, who has collected a lifetime of belongings, to do. One strategy that can ease the pain is to help your senior find a GOOD HOME for their stuff. It can help mend your senior’s grieving heart for them to know the person getting their stuff is truly thankful to get it and will treasure it as much as they did. Look for family members and close friends who fit this description. In these cases, it may give your senior more pleasure to simply give an item away than it would to receive financial compensation. In some ways, money has less value in your senior years.

Some items may be so valuable that giving them away may not be practical. After all, your senior may want to use the money to travel or pursue an expensive hobby. Furthermore, some items may not find the right home within the family or circle of friends. In these cases, it can be useful to put ads on CraigsList to sell items or on Freegle to give them away. Help your senior by being present when potential buyers arrive for their safety and also to help them choose the best people who they feel will appreciate the items the most. Even if the items don’t go to family members or close friends, it can do a senior’s heart good to get a “good vibe” about the person buying the item or receiving it for free.

  1. Take Pictures of Sentimental Items They Plan to Give Away or Sell

Even though seniors are willing to sell or give away certain items, you can ease the pain of doing so by taking close up pictures of these items for their memory book. It may take a while for them to heal from their losses, but there will come a time when they will appreciate looking at pictures of their treasured items and reminiscing about them. They’ll also serve as great visual aids when grandmother and or grandfather tell stories to their grandchildren and other younger members of the family! For example, a large grandfather clock may not fit well in your senior’s new smaller home but a picture of it hanging on the wall would fit perfectly fine!

  1. Call Clearabee To Schedule a Rubbish Clearance

In every move, no matter how much you give away or sell, there will be rubbish to clear. This can be a depressing time for your senior because the last thing they want to see is their treasured belongings being hauled away to the landfill! You can explain to your senior that Clearabee has the best recycle and reuse rate than anyone else in the rubbish clearance industry in the UK. In fact, they are able to recycle or reuse a whopping ninety percent of all the rubbish they clear. This is a far better track record than any UK council and it even beats the recycle and reuse rate for other European countries, like Germany and the Netherlands, that are known to have the best averages rates in Europe. Knowing that most of the rubbish that remains will find a new purpose outside the landfill should be comforting to your senior who may be grieving for his or her belongings.

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