Stronger Bones-How To Keep Them Strong As You Age

According to age, there are various health issues that surround us. Bone weakness is one of them. We start losing bones as we age. This bone loss leads to osteoporosis, where bones become too weak that they start breaking. People sometimes get panic of what to do when one is suffering from osteoporosis, but there’s good news that osteoporosis is not the inevitable disease and you can make your bones strong and healthy.

Many of the medicines are available in the market or in online stores like calcium and vitamin D tablets that people think that by consuming they can make their bones strong. But it’s not true before having these kinds of medicines you must consult the doctor.Canada drugs online store where you can have the entire prescribed and non-prescribed as well for your good health but make sure medicines for which you are not sure to avoid consuming them.

Essential Nutrients– For making bones stronger it’s very important to have all the nutrients that can be possible with the healthy and balanced diet. There are two main nutrients that are very much beneficial for the bones and that are vitamin D and calcium. 1000 mg of calcium is needed in a day for the adults and 1200 mg for the women after menopause and men after 70. But the question is from where we can have these nutrients in the right amount. Milk and dairy products are the rich sources of calcium and other sources can be orange juice, green leafy veggies, and broccoli. But before going for the calcium supplements talk to your doctor.

Vitamin D– As we all know that by exposing to the sunlight we get abundant of vitamin D, according to the study Americans are found to lacking vitamin D because of less exposure to the sun. Vitamin D is necessary to absorb calcium and process it in the body. Yogurt is fortified with vitamin D so by consuming yogurt one can have enough vitamin D.

We are just aware of vitamin D and calcium for the bones but there are various other nutrients also there that helps in maintaining bones health. It is found that as the age goes people fall short on some of these nutrients. They think that by having calcium and vitamin D their bones will remain healthy but still they suffer from bones lose. If you want to have stronger bones than have the plate full of all nutrients. Nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits, beans are the natural source of all the nutrients.

Just by changing the lifestyle you can have a healthy body and bones. Avoiding processed food because they lack a full array of nutrients. Choose whole grains they are the direct link to the nutrients that body needs. Just by having the same kind of food daily make you lacking some of the nutrients so, go for the variety and add everything in your diet. Making bones strong you can have power in life.

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