Ten Tips to Choose a Perfect Banquet Hall

Now that you are done with the biggest decision of your life: choosing the perfect partner; it’s time to plan your dream wedding. Though marriage is not just about happy beginnings and perfect finishes, you could just hand pick stuff to put your marriage on the road to perfection. This could begin with choosing the perfect white dress,or you could just rock the party in a rose pink one. Here comes the most important decision; choosing the perfect banquet hall as your wedding venue.

You just have to be careful about the following ten points in order for your wedding ceremony to turn in to an all-time memorable one.

1.    Venue Holding Capacity

The venue holding capacity can be one of your major concerns. Whether you want a small close gathering or an extended party; the venue should suit your guest number.

2.    Variety of Hall Sizes

Are there a variety of hall sizes to cater your guest quantity? More guests will need a bigger hall and vice versa. You need to choose the hall size according to your guest list.

3.   Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue?

Another major concern could be whether the wedding ceremony and reception be held at the same venue. This will require you to pre-book an outdoor ground for your guests.

4.    On-site/ Near-by Accommodation

Your wedding guest list could include an uncle living in another city or your best friend traveling home from an international destination. You have to make sure that the venue provides an on-site accommodation option. If not, you have to find and book the nearest motel for all guests staying overnight.

5.    Price Package

Your wedding cost has to fall just in your budget. You should not end up not saving for that dream honeymoon trip or your later life endeavors. So, selecting from a list of price packages could (at the end) become easier on your pocket.

6.    Catering Services

Food and wine: all that you need to spice up the event. You have to check and select the menu, the cuisine range,and suitable prices. Also, selecting an outside cheaper service could come in handy

7.    Easily Accessible

Is the hall easily accessible by public transport? Is there enough parking space available? Go check it out.

8.    Décor Options

Are there all décor options available? You may just need those extra flowers, fresh table linen,and clean scented environment.

9.    Flexible Time Slots

Can your outside caterers and people move in and out easily availing the flexible time slot? The movement and time restriction should be kept in mind.

10.  Suitable Photographer

Does the hall provide a suitable photographer who will snap every happy moment perfectly? Or do you have to hire someone else?

So, the next time your friend is getting married,or if it’s your turn, you just have to read this article. This will help you make a perfect choice. For more information on how you can choose the perfect wedding hall for the ceremony, follow the link below:http://www.adlingtonhall.com/weddings/

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