Types of t shirt’s you weren’t aware of!

T shirts have been there for quite a long time as an option for menswear and they have never quite gone out of style. Other than the shortcoming of them not being considered part of a formal outfit, they are one of the best outfits for men. They are light, comfortable which makes them the first choice. They have an added advantage of being easily washable and cool as well. Just like any other industry, the apparel industry as well does research and invests in improving their products and t shirts are not untouched in those aspects as well.

T shirts used to come in only round neck and the V-neck. But gone are those days when these pieces of clothing were available only in these regular types. Now due to research and constant work in the field not only the t shirts are available in various types of styles but also many new types of necklines.

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Because many of these are new in the market, you may have not even seen these, or you may have seen pieces, but you don’t know much about them and thus let’s gets you acquainted with the types of these new t shirts.

Classified on the basis of print:

  • Slogan t shirts: These pieces are just the plain t shirts which have something printed on them and that is what makes them appealing to us. It is that quote or the slogan which inspires us, makes the reader laugh and that is what makes it very close to us and we pick that very t shirt from the pile.
  • Retro t shirts: These are the t shirts which make you feel like the 90’s due to the colour, the font of the print or sometimes even the language with the words which are no longer in use.
  • Funny t shirts: These pieces have a simple task too bring smile to those who read the message on them. They usually pack light humour but compels the reader to smile.

Classified on the basis of neck design:

  • Deep V-neck: These are slightly different from the traditional V-necks as they have a neckline that is much deeply cut from the traditional ones. It is better to wax or shave your chest while wearing one of these otherwise this will give you a look of a caveman.
  • Scoop neck: These are like the crew or the round neck, but they have a deeper and wider cut neckline. These are more oval in shape, which makes quite different from the round necks. These are usually known as the U-necks. In the past 2-3 years these have gained popularity.
  • Deep scoop neck:These are the Deep V-neck version of scoop neck t shirts. These are comparatively new in the market and are very rapidly gaining popularity. These are the t shirts that you should wear when you are looking to show off your athletic body and muscular physique.
  • Bateau neck: Bateau neckline or more commonly known as the boat neckline is very famous in the outfits of women but these are nowadays found in clothes of men as well. This makes the shoulders look broad due to the broader neckline giving you a look of more wider shoulders.

Well that was all about knowing the new and less known types of necklines in t shirts. When you want to buy some of those you can check the latest collection that flipkart, amazon and bewakoof.com has to offer you may log on those websites.

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