Understanding the Components of Your Residential Fencing

Whether you’re installing residential fencing Austin to keep nosy neighbors out or just for a decorative addition to your backyard, you’ll want to be sure that you fully understand what goes into the making of your fence before you get it installed. Here’s what you should know about the components of your home fencing.

Components of Your Fence

For the majority of fencing types, you can expect three main components:

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  • Posts

The posts of your fence are likely the most difficult to install. This is because they need to go rather deep into the ground to ensure that your fence will stand up straight and stay straight for many years. The posts act as an anchor for the rest of your fencing. You can place your posts at varying points to match the look you want and to achieve the durability your fence needs.

  • Panels

Your panels are the vertical portions of your fence. If you have a wooden fence, you may choose to have your panels right next to each other for optimal privacy. For iron fences or other fencing types, you may choose to space the slats further apart. The latter option can be more affordable, but it doesn’t provide as much privacy.

  • Rails

Finally, you have the rails of your fence, which are the horizontal portions. The intended purpose of your rails is to keep the slats together and keep them strong and sturdy. Some homeowners may use the rails as backyard “shelving” as well.

Installation of Your Residential Fencing Austin

As a surely capable homeowner, you may be tempted to install your own residential fencing Austin by yourself. However, think twice before doing this. You’ll want to be sure that your fencing is installed properly so that it stays upright and straight as well as strong and durable throughout all four seasons. While it is technically possible to install your home fencing yourself, expect a challenging, laborious process.

The better option is to hire a professional fencing company in Austin with a great reputation. In all truth, paying for the installation of your backyard fencing won’t be unaffordable. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of hauling the fencing materials yourself. You also won’t have to ensure that you have all of the appropriate tools, which can be pricey. Finally, you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to laboriously dig holes for the posts and install everything on your own.

Let the professionals do the job for you! And let them do it right! Contact a local residential fencing installation company today to compare quotes.

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