When should you buy new office furniture?

There comes a time when a business owner will ask themselves: “Whenwould it be advisable for me to purchase new office furniture?Well, you can buy furniture whenever the need or desire arises.

Possibly when the business is moving into another building, or whenyou’d like to empower more collaboration with an open office design… Or maybe even when your old furniture is at the end of its life.

Here are some instances when buying new furniture is sometimes neccesary:

When you move office

If you are relocating your office, it could the right time for you to buy new furniture. It will make the entire process easier as you won’t need to safely package all your current furniture and cart if off to a different location.

When repairs are frequent

If you are investing money in repairing furniture frequently then it’s better to invest in replacing your current furniture with something that is a lot sturdier.It might appear like an expensive investment,but when it comes to comfort, effectiveness, and prosperity, it is more cost productive thanrepairing and managing your old furniture constantly.

Recruiting new employees

If your organisation is hiring more employees and you don’t have enough furniture, then you will need to buy furniture for your new workers.

It’s important that all the employees in the workplace oughtto have the same quality of furniture, otherwise it can result in frustration and affect employee morale.  Treating everyone equally is the best way to avoid this.

Decorating your office

If you have come to the decision that it’s the right time to improve or restore your office,then now will be the perfect time to buy new furniture.

Nice, comfortable furniture isessential when it comesto employee motivation and work efficiency. It’s important to make your office environment as inventive as possible.

Coloured office furniture is becomingpopular these days so moving far from the usual woodgrain furniture and including a sprinkle of colour can inspire your employees.

Fortunately for you, there are choices, old furniture can be repaired and repurposed and new/ utilised furniture can be added to the blend. To help you out, we have listed out the potential benefits of both.

Benefits of buying new office furniture

  • You get a new warranty

It might be possible the warranty that you have on your present office furniture is nearly up or has already lapsed. A brand-new product will come with a new warranty, which means that you could deal with repairs without incurring extra costs. The same can’t be said about old furniture.

  • It will catch your client’s eyes

New furniture will leave a huge impact on client’s who are frequent visitors to your office for meetings. If the client noticesthat youare putting your efforts into upgrading your office space with new furniture, they will feel that you are keen ininvestingtowards thefurther growth and development of your business.

A great office environment with modern furniture is the best way of making a good impression on your clients.

  • It’s a great chance to freshen up a dated office

If your workspace looks dull and boring and is spreading a feeling of lethargy amongst your employees or if the scruffy office chairs are giving them back ache, it’s time to replace yourfurniture.

Freshening up your office furniture enables you to prove to potential customers and visitors that you’re progressive while giving your employees a comfy place to work in.

The benefits of re purposing old office furniture

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) reduction

Nowadays manufacturers make use of Volatile Organic Compounds in making office furniture and other itemswhich are discharged into the air as gas all through the lifetime of the furniture.

The newer the furniture, the higher the levels of VOC. According to surveys, exposure to VOC’s leads to eye, nose irritation, nausea, and liver damage

  • It can be freshened up

If your old office furniture is looking shabby and dull, there’s no reason to abandon it totally. Chairs and sofascan be reupholstered, wooden pieces can be revamped and everything from noisyseats to sloping tables can be repaired.

  • Conserve

Obviously when you think about reusing/upcycling, you need to consider the protection of natural assets. Often, a product like furniture lasts for a long period of time and we end up keeping them much longerthan we intended to. The more they remain in use, the less assets and energy will be used to make new furniture.

Importance of office furniture

Office furniture is the essential requirement of every organisation. One cannot deliver better outputs without proper desks, chairs and cabinets. Lack of proper furniture can affect the work schedule and culture in numerous ways. If your employees are not comfortable, they will get frustrated easily, which will impact their work efficiency too.

Office furniture is not just a necessity for utility purposes; it likewise also providesaesthetic appeal.

If you are looking foroffice refurbishment then remember to consult professionals who can suggest ideas by considering your needs and budget.

Factors to consider when buying new office furniture

One needs to consider numerous factors before picking the right furniture for their workplace.

  • Budget

The most important factor that you need to consider is the office design budget. How much are you able to invest in your office furniture? It will help you decide the type and quality, as well as the amount of office furniture you will need.

  • Size

Purchasing oversized furniture can make your office appear messy and cluttered and it becomes difficult for you as well as your employees to move around.  So, pick furniture of the right size in order to move comfortably around your workspace.

  • Durability

When buying furniture for your office, ensure that it’s durable. Nowadays,the majority of business owners go for teal furniture instead of wooden furniture as it lasts much longer.

  • Comfort

There’s no doubt that for your employees towork comfortably, you would need to provide them with a cosy workspace. So remember not to overlook this factor when you are purchasing specificfurniture like chairs for your employees.

  • Appearance

Nowadays, employees focus on the appearance of the furniture as well. So while buying new furniture, ensure that it’s functional and alsohas a pleasing aesthetictoo.

  • Fire risk

Previously, most offices made use of wooden furniture. But now more and more offices are using metal furniture, which is ideal,as its less flammable.

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