Wooden Flooring for a Streatham Loft Conversion

Wooden flooring has become more and more popular as an alternative to carpets for loft conversions in recent years, according to Derek Mason who does loft extensions in and around Streatham. in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this, as wooden floors have many benefits when they are compared to carpets.

They Are Easy To Maintain

If something were to get spilt on a wooden floor, it is not so much of an issue as if the same thing were to happen on a carpet. Very often, these spills can simply be wiped away or mopped up with the minimum of fuss. You may find that your flooring becomes scratched or marked in some way, but repairing this may be as simple as just giving the wood a polish. There would have to be serious damage to the floor in order for it to have to be replaced, and this is a very rare occurrence.

They Are A Sustainable Option

Wood is a resource that occurs naturally and so is readily available. When trees are cut down in order to be used to produce flooring, more trees can be replanted to replace them. This is a process that can happen again and again over many years, meaning that this type of flooring is very sustainable.

They Look Good

Many people believe that wooden floors look better than carpets, and this is the one of the main reasons why they have become so popular. They suit almost every type of decor, so however your home is decorated, a wooden floor will look great. You will have many options in terms of colour, designs and grains, so you will be able to find the type of flooring that is perfect for your home.

They Are Good Value

Wooden flooring, especially hardwood, will last for many years and it may not need to ever be replaced if it is well taken care of. The same cannot be said of carpets, which will need to be replaced eventually when they start to look worn. If you are looking to sell your home, then wooden flooring can help to add value to the property, as people are more likely to keep this type of flooring, which means it is one less expense for them once they have bought the property off you.

When it comes to wooden flooring, the advantages that are described above apply to oak flooring above all other types of wood that can be used. You will have two main choices in terms of the type of oak hardwood flooring that you decide upon, solid oak and engineered oak. Each have their own advantages, and the style that you choose will be very much dependant on your own personal taste and what you want to get out of your flooring.

Engineered Oak

This type of flooring is not as expensive as solid oak, but can look just as good and be just as hardwearing. It also has a more solid structure which means that you do not have to worry about any moisture getting into the floorboards, which could cause them to warp.

Solid Oak

Solid oak flooring is made from natural timber, and this affects the way that the flooring will react to different conditions in your home, such as damp and humidity. These conditions can cause the wood to expand or contract which means that the floor has the potential to become uneven. However, the risk of this can be greatly reduced by ensuring that you leave a small gap between the floor boards and the walls of the room, as this will allow for any expansion of the wood, meaning it is less likely to buckle.

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