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When you are ready to install a charging station in your home, or multiple charging stations in a multifamily residence, or perhaps at a business’ office, you can call solar electricians Washington. We are trained and experienced in installing all types of charging stations and can design a charging station to meet your building’s needs and plans for possible future expansion.

When you call us, we will do a site assessment, load calculation, and electrical design for your situation. In most cases, we can connect your charging station to the current electric service you have. We figure out if there is enough capacity for an additional car charging load.

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If you call us to add a charging station to your home, the process is pretty straightforward in most cases. We get information about where the circuit breaker panel is and where the charging station will go. With some pictures of the breaker panel, we can typically come up with an accurate quote.

Should you have a detached garage or the charging station is quite a ways away from the circuit breaker panel, we will come out to your site to get some more details. For multi-family buildings, we will usually come out and take a look. We usually do the design work for free, but we may need to charge a fee for the design work if there are a lot of complications.

A government or commercial building requires that we come to the location to figure out the best way to handle tenants, customers, location of electrical service, the goals of the owners and occupants, and any future charging expansion you may want to do.

We are both general and electrical contractors, so we usually do the work ourselves, unless the customer wants to work with another general contractor. We usually do things like cutting drywall and patching it, moving and replacing insulation, signage, parking space painting, etc. We may also need to do some incidental electrical work, such as adding a sub panel to handle the EV circuit, and we can do that work, too.

If you have any problems with the EV station, we are your first point of contact. Our work carries a warranty, and we are happy to come out and make any necessary repairs. Since people rely on electrical vehicle charging on a daily basis, solar electricians Washington are usually able to come out the following business day, although we may not be able to handle weekend calls.

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